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Trip to Sg. Passin Longhouse - Part 5 (Kids Fishing & Medical Check-up)

I was so lucky enough to catch the sunrise that morning just after i woke up at 6.45pm and it was my best sunrise picture ever.

When i was in the jetty , i saw two kids were clinging prawn on the fishing hook.

We waited for half and hour but didn't catch any fish. T_T

I saw Fishermen going out to river for fish under the early morning sun.

It was too early, the chapel is still empty.

The Sibu Dentist Department went to Sg. Passin with us too. They gave a talk about mouth cancer, taught them how to take care of their teeth and free dental check-up and free tooth extractions for them. I think the dentist had extracted more than a hundred teeth in that morning.

Free vision test for them..

Blood examination..

I was busying with these for whole morning. Recording down their weight, height, and girth for a BMI reading.

just playing around with those equipment.

And here's my turn to have a blood sugar test.

Here's my test result for blood sugar 6.8mmol/L . Considered normal.

Trip to Sg. Passin Longhouse - Part 4 (Fishing boat returning & a night in longhouse)

As the sun slowly sets down, i saw a boat was heading back to the village with some fishing accessories on boat.

As the boat get closer to the jetty, i saw a basket on boat which was filled with fishes.

Freshly caught from river

The fish are loaded off the boat, cut and cleaned and ready for cook. They are so generous, they cooked those fishes for us as lunch and dinner.

When the night comes, the song started to play and everyone started to dance with them.

Some girls were presenting their dance to us.

It was crowded that night. Everyone was giving their warmest welcome to all visitors.

Those Ibans like to use their Iban dance to welcome their visitors.

After that, we were all invited to dance with them.

I was clowning around..

Had a wonderful night in longhouse..


To Be Continued...

Trip to Sg. Passin Longhouse - Part 3 (An evening in Sg. Passin)

It was a nice evening and a nice walk with BengBeng around Sg. Passin Village. We saw a lot of things that we never seen it in city.

We saw some animal bones were hanging around. Not so sure what bones were that.

and we saw some ladies were taking their bath in the river.

In Sg. Passin Longhouse, boats are the main transportation. They usually build the boat themself.

this old lady has a good skill in weaving rattan

and this old man was making a fishing net

Water is precious and never wasted. They used to collect rain water for cooking and drinking during rainy day.

Firewoods are the major sources of energy for cooking.

Ibans eat mostly jungle products. One of their favorite dish is potato leaves.

In town, we used to pet Dog and Cat. In sg. passin longhouse, they used to pet monkey as their pet.

Most of the resident in Sg. Passin pet Birds too.

I saw this cute little pig behind the longhouse. Few months later, this pig will become one of their dish on the dining table. T_T

Trip to Sg. Passin Longhouse - Part 2 (Welcoming Ceremony)

We finally arrived in S.g Passin Longhouse, after two and a half hours journey on boat. Some of the residents of Sg. Passin were waiting for us.

As we get closer to the jetty, all these man in blue batik were there welcoming us.

They are kind and friendly as they helped us carried all the bags, drinks, foods and medical equipment out from the boat.

The view of the jetty was good. The view makes me so relaxing!

This is how the longhouse looks like. (Rumah Panjang in Malay). Some of the Longhouses consist of 50-80rooms. There are six longhouses in Sg. Passin.

While we were walking along the jetty, we saw crocodile!~

All these ladies in colourful Batik were lining up to welcoming us.

They just love to take photo.

Rural Community Services. This was the purpose that we went there.

They played the traditional instrument and small drums for the opening ceremony. The thing that looks like a xylophone, it called "engkerumungs" in Iban. "Tawak" (so called - bass) and "Ketebung" (a single sided drum).

Some of them were curious about the traditional instrument. They even taught us how to play it.

After the ceremony, i saw a lonely old lady was standing outside the balcony.


To be continued