Trip to Sg. Passin Longhouse - Part 4 (Fishing boat returning & a night in longhouse)

As the sun slowly sets down, i saw a boat was heading back to the village with some fishing accessories on boat.

As the boat get closer to the jetty, i saw a basket on boat which was filled with fishes.

Freshly caught from river

The fish are loaded off the boat, cut and cleaned and ready for cook. They are so generous, they cooked those fishes for us as lunch and dinner.

When the night comes, the song started to play and everyone started to dance with them.

Some girls were presenting their dance to us.

It was crowded that night. Everyone was giving their warmest welcome to all visitors.

Those Ibans like to use their Iban dance to welcome their visitors.

After that, we were all invited to dance with them.

I was clowning around..

Had a wonderful night in longhouse..


To Be Continued...


the donG said...

hahaha... i enjoyed this series. this actually convinced me of visiting your place next year. since i only need a passport, ill be going there.

i noticed that you're good at dancing the iban dance. hehehe... i wish bengbeng videotaped it.

jj said...

guess the fish must be delicious since they are so fresh

Satria Sudeki said...

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Victor Kiu said...

The Dong: I can be your tourguide if you don't mind. I just simply dance it and i don't really know how to dance.

JJ: Yeah, it was so nice and so fresh.

Satria Sudeki: You're welcome. Thanks for dropping by my blog. i will add you into my blog roll

emotionalistic said...

Wow...the whole village people came to welcome you guys? o_o

uncleawang said...

The fish is still fresh just nice for asam curry ikan.Hey Vic,show your shuffle dance to the ladies lah..hahaha.
Thanks for droping by my SWF.

Victor Kiu said...

emo: Yeah, they are so kind and friendly.

Unclewang: I don't really know how to taste a fish. Oh, i don't know how to dance shuffle. Wish to learn!! haha

Anonymous said...

You ngajat like dance disco...??? Hehehehehehe!!!

Victor Kiu said...

Suituapui: Mixed, the latest Ngajat dance!! 21st century!! hahaha