Trip to Sg. Passin Longhouse - Part 3 (An evening in Sg. Passin)

It was a nice evening and a nice walk with BengBeng around Sg. Passin Village. We saw a lot of things that we never seen it in city.

We saw some animal bones were hanging around. Not so sure what bones were that.

and we saw some ladies were taking their bath in the river.

In Sg. Passin Longhouse, boats are the main transportation. They usually build the boat themself.

this old lady has a good skill in weaving rattan

and this old man was making a fishing net

Water is precious and never wasted. They used to collect rain water for cooking and drinking during rainy day.

Firewoods are the major sources of energy for cooking.

Ibans eat mostly jungle products. One of their favorite dish is potato leaves.

In town, we used to pet Dog and Cat. In sg. passin longhouse, they used to pet monkey as their pet.

Most of the resident in Sg. Passin pet Birds too.

I saw this cute little pig behind the longhouse. Few months later, this pig will become one of their dish on the dining table. T_T


Bengbeng said...

i totally forgot abt the woman weaving the mat and man mending the fishing net. Well done, Victor. Great pics.

leslie hii said...
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leslie hii said...

the monkey scared me a little bit.. and nice picture of the bird, i like it.. that has been a good trip hey :)

Anonymous said...

Those are tapioca leaves lah! Eee...the first sentence sounds very romantic! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

xiao wei^.^ said...

Vic, may i know where did u take ur bath?
did u try umai at long house?
veri nice...

uncleawang said...

I'm sure you have a good time visiting Longhouse.Btw Thanks for droping by my ABC.

emotionalistic said...

I'm amazed to see how they live their lives there. Simple and meaningful.

Victor Kiu said...

Bengbeng: Thanks BengBeng!! I love your sunrise pictures!! So regret that i didn;t wake up that morning..

Leslie: Scared you?? I don't think it is scary ler~ Ya, i like the bird pic too.. I enjoyed that trip a lot.

Suituapui: Tapioca leaves? i thought it is Potato leaves. Ramantic ler~~ lols

Xioawei: I took my bath in Kicthen by using rain water. I did't try it!

unclewang: Ya, i best trip ever in 2008!! you're welcome..

Emo: You're rite. Healty way to survive

foongpc said...

Nice photos of your trip, victor! Must be having a great time! : )

the donG said...

they have a very interesting culture. In some ways very similar to that of the philippines. I wonder what their religion is. Do you know?

Victor Kiu said...

foongpc: Thank you! had a great time there!

Thedong: I like they culture too.. Simple and relax! Most of them are Christian!

the donG said...

really? all i know is that malaysia is a muslim country. i didnt know that there are parts there where christians lives.

i researched about sibu, sarawak and iban in wikipedia and i learned a lot about the culture. i might even consider visiting your country to see the culture myself.

are you a christian too?

Hello Kitty said...

what animal bone like that? really want to know.. I think that's symbolic of their "protector", some kind like that.. so also hard to ask them what is that..

jj said...

do they keep crocodile as pet too

Victor Kiu said...

Thedong: Malaysia is a multi-religions society and islam is the offical religion. I am christian!!

Kitty: i guess those must be pig bones. not so sure lar..

JJ: Ya, they keep crocodile as pet!!

chumpman said...

i think the animal bones you saw is wild boar lower jaws. hehe