Trip to Sg. Passin Longhouse - Part 2 (Welcoming Ceremony)

We finally arrived in S.g Passin Longhouse, after two and a half hours journey on boat. Some of the residents of Sg. Passin were waiting for us.

As we get closer to the jetty, all these man in blue batik were there welcoming us.

They are kind and friendly as they helped us carried all the bags, drinks, foods and medical equipment out from the boat.

The view of the jetty was good. The view makes me so relaxing!

This is how the longhouse looks like. (Rumah Panjang in Malay). Some of the Longhouses consist of 50-80rooms. There are six longhouses in Sg. Passin.

While we were walking along the jetty, we saw crocodile!~

All these ladies in colourful Batik were lining up to welcoming us.

They just love to take photo.

Rural Community Services. This was the purpose that we went there.

They played the traditional instrument and small drums for the opening ceremony. The thing that looks like a xylophone, it called "engkerumungs" in Iban. "Tawak" (so called - bass) and "Ketebung" (a single sided drum).

Some of them were curious about the traditional instrument. They even taught us how to play it.

After the ceremony, i saw a lonely old lady was standing outside the balcony.


To be continued


sbanboy said...

I saw from Bengbeng's photos that you are using a Canon EOS digital dslr ! I am using a Canon 350D.

More pictures please :)

ahniss said...

lets cook crocodile for dinner!!!!!

Bengbeng said...

let us cook ahniss for dinner hahaha.
seriously i wonder how crocodiles would taste? small ones taste nice cos I had it before but an old crocodile the meat must be very tough.

the donG said...

wow! people there look so friendly. i think ill enjoy a trip there.

Victor Kiu said...

sbanboy:Yup, i'm using Canon EOS 400-D. I'm not really know how to use it! I will post more pic on my next post! Less words.. haha

Ahniss: Are you sure? i will ask ahkung to buy some for you.

BengBeng: I never eaten crocodile b4.. wish to try it one day!! Can i find it in SIbu?

Victor Kiu said...

The dong: Yup, there are so friendly and kind. Is there any places like this in ur country?

emotionalistic said...

I've never been to a Rumah Panjang myself. In a small village like that, normally everyone is very friendly and helpful towards each other :).

xiao wei^.^ said...

yup...tat ppl are veri friendly!!
i hv live with bumiputera in the hostel n she really veri take care of me, jz like my mom...
Last time, my iban's friend brought me 2 her long house..n her grandmom talk 2 me in iban, so weired!!
they jz laugh at me!!
HAHA..may b i m too beauty@@

carrot said...

wah! crocodile? it just is there? didnt disturb any1?

uncleawang said...

So your next trip to KCH just drop by the waterfront the MV Equatorial welcome you onboard
Thanks for viewing my blog.

the donG said...

victor, yes we do have like that in our country. Most in the southern part of the philippines. We call that area Mindanao.

ahniss said...

bengbeng: this one is FRESHHHH crocodile.. how is the taste of a fresh fish when u steam them? then that would be the taste of steam a FRESHHHH crocodile. wakaka

Victor Kiu said...

Xiowei: Lols, just like ur mom.? I don't understand Iban too..

Carrot: They put it in the cage. Haha.

Unclewang: Yeah, Thanks for the information. Thanks for dropping by at my blog too..

Thedong: Mindanao, sounds cool! You ever visited there?

ahlost said...

I thought longhouse should be rumah panjang instead of pajang.. tsk tsk.. :)

xiao wei^.^ said...

coz every morning in the hostel, she will wake me up to has breakfast...
if at home my mom oso like tat!!

xiao wei^.* said...

u say u c a lonely women, after u took her pic did u accompany her??