Trip to Sg. Passin Longhouse - Part 1 (Express Boat)

Traveling by express boat on the Rejang River is one of Sarawak's main attractions.

This is one of the best ways to get a taste of the state's interesting hinterland. On our trip to Sg. Passin longhouse, we had hired an express boat from Sibu to Sg. Passin.

This is how the seats of the express boat look like. The seats was categories into three cabin, First class, Business class and Economy class.

While the boat was leaving from the wharf, i challenged Bengbeng to climb upstairs to the boat instead of sitting inside air-conditioned express boat.

The view from the top of the express boat was really good. I enjoyed the view so much since the weather was good.

A while later, one of the team our member started to be a little bit dizzy.

The journey took us two and a half hours to reach our destination.


To be continued.......

Song River Restaurant - Gurney Penang

Song River Restaurant is one of the popular hawker center along the Gurney Drive Penang which my aunty Tiff claimed it has a very nice Balacan Chicken wings and Claypot Bee Hoon.

Ok, This is how the Belacan Chicken Wings look like. Crispy and yummy.. It was good and you can only found it in Penang.

Claypot Fried Bee hoon! Nice!

and Claypot Asam Fish Bee Hoon!! Not bad too, but i still prefer Claypoy Bee Hoon.

Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant - Penang (The Food Paradise)

Penang is an island of endless food stalls which you can found best food everywhere. Penang is also well known for being the Food Paradise of Malaysia and also in Asia. Penang offers plenty of good and cheap Malaysian food. Beside that, Penang is also known as a heaven of Seafood.

One of the well known Seafood Restaurant in Penang called "Bali Hai Seafood Market". Bali Hai specialises in seafood and it is located somewhere in the middle of Gurney Drive Penang. The slogan of the restaurant called "If It Swims We Have It". Sounds cool huh!!

It was always crowded on weekends.

They stock a lot of varieties of seafood. Each aquarium has its individual seafood.

Varieties of fishes are available here.

Can anyone tells me what does this fish called??

One of my fav .. Oysters

They called this "GeoDuck" which look weird and sounds weird too. Haha

Spider Crabs. It is damn expensive which cost RM25--30 per 100G.

Green Lobster and Rainbow Lobster. RM15--18 per 100G..

Huge Lobster..

What's that?? It's Abalon! Fresh Abalon RM32 per 100G.

Black Pepper Crabs. It tasted good.

So called "Petai" in Malay.

Fried Noodles with oysters. Tasted good too!

Mushroom?? Forgot the name!! Sry,, ^_^

Not sure what does this soup called.. as long as it is a soup.. *_*

forgot the name too.. sry!

Apple juice and Orange juice.. Not bad too!

After the meal, you can have a walk along the Gurney drive and enjoy the scenic view of the sea.

Sibu Rainforest Hash Run - 23.11.08

I went for the hash run yesterday which was organized by the Rainforest Club every Sundays at the different venues. The venue for hash run yesterday was at the jungle behind the Huge Temple along the Sibu to Bintulu Road.

There was a briefing for the First Timer. You need to take down you name and pay RM5 for adult and RM3 for children for the run fee at the registration counter.

In a hash, the participants walk at their own pace and at their own risk.

The route for the hash run is a bit challenging.

I enjoyed the hashing every much and it took 1 hours for the whole journey.

After the hash, you can have a free soft drink. For those who are interested, the venue for the next hash run will be at "Kemuyang" and it starts at 4pm.

Photohunter - Reflection

Reflection of me in the mirror

Have a nice weekend!!

Best Kampua & Coffee in Town!!

Kampua noodles can be found at almost all coffee shops and food stalls in Sibu. If you are looking for the best kampua in Sibu, it can be found at "Sin Ming Kee Cafe". It is one of the famous Kampua stall in Sibu . For those who live in Sibu, i think you might know it. It is located at Jalan Ling Kai Cheng which behind the Comfort Furniture.

Kampua noodle with few slices of "char siu meat". *thumb up*

Choon Seng Coffee Shop served the best coffee in Sibu. They grind the coffee beans itself. It is located at Jalan Seduan which near the to Wong Nai Siong Memorial park.

Cold freshly brewed coffee!! RM1.60

My Lovely Photo Frame

In my earlier post, I've posted my D.I.Y photo frame that i painted it in Wu Gu Cultural Village click here. Few weeks ago, when my maid was cleaning up the room, she accidentally broke it. Goshh..

and this happened to my photo frame...


My pity photo frame T_T

sigh.. *__* what should i do? Stick all the pieces back?

Are you satisfied with you car??

I know many of you don't really satisfied what you are driving now. In fact, i am the one too. Everyone has dreams. One of my dreams is to have nice and big cars. I guess, I've had this dream since i was young.

so.... What's your dream car?

Ferrari ???

Lamborghini ???

or Porsche ??

Ok, let's see how good and luxury was the transportation in Vietnam...

Vegetable Ride..

Hm.. Probably they were quarreling last night.

Ox Ride

Off to school

Public Transportation


The latest Toyota Camry

If you are still not satisfied with your car now, i will send you to Vietnam!!