Wu Gu Cultural Village

Wu Gu Cultural Village is the new landmark of Miaoli; it is a theme park that integrates the "traditions", "modern living", and "decorative ceramic arts".

The park has a ceramic factory, a color painting classroom, and a Tung flower Hakka museum. Tour guide service is also available here to lead you through the making of ceramics and the service is free of charge.

There is also an array of DIY activities for the children as well as for the adults. It is a place of fun and education, suitable for people of all ages.

my Y.E gang.

painting classroom

painting brushes

Ker Yin & Me,

This is my Frame before being painted



with my lovely frame

Clement with his scary pumpkin

Peggy's Frame

Mini blue car painted by Lenny



stock report said...

im your favorite reader here!

Victor Kiu said...


megumi said...

your YE gang??
you are head of YE club(?.?)
this place sounds a lot of fun!
i also wanna experience painting.

are there also seck min and zachary?

Victor Kiu said...

ya, y.e from Malaysia..
I'm not the leader of the y.e!!
Missing them a lots..
They didn't go.
There are 6 y.e japan and 3 y.e Italy went to sibu last week!

megumi said...

you got new friends or boyfriend XD?

Victor Kiu said...

I didn't know anyone from japan this year!
haha, miss you all so much!

Amy Lim said...

wow...nice artwaresss...

Victor Kiu said...


leslie hii said...

EH, she is Peggy, not Penny.. its Lenny, Lenny is another person.. make sure u dont let them see this thing..

Victor Kiu said...

nevermind, i don't think they will visit my blog anyway.. hahaha.. i thought is Lenny!!

the donG said...

cool ah!