Sibu to Julau Sarawak Trip with Mylongkang

Yesterday, i went to Julau together with Mylongkang "BengBeng". We supposed to go Kanawit for the “Pesta Kanawit” but then we lost our ways. After that, we saw a sign of “JULAU”, so both of us are curious about it. So we managed to go there to have a visit first.

Julau is a town, and the capital of Julau District in Sarikei Division, Sarawak, East Malaysia. The district population was 34,500.

Before we start our Photohunting in Julau, we went for the vegetarian coffee shop for breakfast.
I ordered a plate of Kampua mee and BengBeng ordered a Cha Kuew Tiaw.
Look at the meats on my Noodles, it's "FAKE". First, i thought its was a real Meats but after i tasted it, it's made by a beans.

Apparently this is still commonly used here at Julau. They called it "sampam" in Malay.

Rubber sheet that i saw in Julau. First i thought i was a animal skins and BengBeng told me that i was a Rubber Sheet.

Julau Market. "crowded".

They selling different kinds of meat.

Wild boar meat.

And Guess what's this????????????

SNAKE!!!! Yackyyy!!!


Bengbeng said...

wow , great stuff u posted here.
u got a visitor. a lady from Singapore, eastcoastlife left a message for lengchai :)

Victor Kiu said...

Haha, Lengchai?? ^_^

Amy Lim said...

No wonder I didn't see u @ Kanowit town??? I'd also been there last weekend...spent my holidays 3d2n there...U lost ur way??? OMG!!!U didn't call me, I can show u the direction...U forgot already??? I am KANOWITIAN!!!hahaha...

Victor Kiu said...

We went to Kanawit after our Julau trip! Arrived there somewhere around 11am and the events was over!! hahaa.. You are Kanawitian?? i never know that.. haha