Tuk-Tuk Car in Bangkok

The Tuk-Tuk is a small car with three wheels that you can found everywhere in Thailand especially in Bangkok Streets.

Often tourist can be seen inside the Tuk Tuk car.

Before sitting inside, one thing you should do is negotiate the price as low as possible.
In Bangkok, it is not always a good idea to sit in a TukTuk car due to the heat and exhausted pipe of the other cars during traffic jams.


Cyndi said...

I'm planning to go there on November :) useful info. thumbs up

Victor Kiu said...

thanks cindy, do you have your own blog?

Cyndi said...

Ya, but I don't use blogger
and my blog is fulled of junk anyways
Actually I saw you on my cousin's wedding on June, if you still remember...
and coincidently, I mean accidentally, I 'get to know you' through others' link.
I like your pics though :) they're great. keep it up
p.s it's C-Y-N-D-I not C-I-N-D-Y :D
nice to know you anyway

Victor Kiu said...

Ops,Sorry! Cyndi!
Can you give me your blog URL?
Isn't Anna Ting's wedding?

Anonymous said...

Nah... not considered as wedding anyway
just a lunch I guess
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Anonymous said...

oh yeah...I mean not Anna Ting but someone else
seems like you attend a lot :D

Victor Kiu said...
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Victor Kiu said...

umm... you meant the day that i wore formal on that lunch?

yeah, "MSN" that's what i think about too..