Handicrafts Stores in Durin and A Wooden Sailing Ship Model

There are few Handicrafts Stores that you can found in Durin town that produce their own unique style of Handicrafts. Most of the products are made by "Rattan". For e.g "Rattan Chairs", "Rattan Baskets", "Rattan Handbag", "Rattan Hats", "Rattan Tray", and Etc.

If you have a time to visit here, you will find prices almost half of what you find in others cities.

"Rattan Baskets"

A wooden sailing ship that attracted my attention to stop at the store for a look.
The price that shown on the goods was RM45.00
After i bargained it the boss, he willing to sell it to me at RM35.00

So i bought it as a souvenir for myself from my weekend trip.

BengBeng has a different point of view that he prefers something that is usefull and something that he might use in home. So he bought a Rottan Basket instead of buying a wooden ship.

He is one of my Y.E Friend Leslie! Plz visit his blog http://lesliehii.blogspot.com

He has a great photos of Austrilia on his blog.


Royz said...

Where is this town? Looks interesting.

Victor Kiu said...

Durin Town, 40mins drive from Sibu town ,Sarawak.

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Victor Kiu said...

Thanks for the comments.
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