Tou-Fen Night Market in Taiwan

There are more than three hundred night markets in Taiwan. In Taiwan, night markets are known for its specialty xiaochi food items. It`s a place to enjoy all the fun of the traditional night market and to try out the various tasty snacks on offer.

This is one of the night market in Taiwan where's located in TouFen (Between Hshin-chu and Miou-Li)

Specific foods will often change from year to year with passing fads and become characteristic snacks of Taiwan, such as oyster omelet, Taiwanese Fried Chicken Breast, and stinky tofu persist.

You could probably eat a new food at a new stall every night for the rest of your life. However, there are common snacks you're likely to find at all night markets.

Chou dofu. Oh, the bane of stinky tofu. People either love it or hate it. Your nose will tell you where to find this smelly stuff.

Not only is food served in night markets, but also a lot of products are sold.

one of my favorite dish called "Chicken Chop with noodles"

There are also some games in the night market, you can play the games by paying a few coins.

We were enjoying the stinky tofu. taste great!!


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