Kanowit Trip with mylongkang.com last weekend

After our adventure in Julau, we continued our journey to Kanowit and it took 40minutes drive from Julau to Kanowit. BengBeng was so happy to finally reach in Kanowit after long journey.
Kanowit is a town. It is located within the Sibu division, Sarawak and Kanowit's population is 28,600.

When we reached in Kanowit, the event of "Pesta Kanowit" was over. We were late, but it's ok for us, so we just walked around in Kanowit town.

First, we went to a temple in the town area.

There was a flea market in Kanowit due to the Pesta Kanowit.
The goods are inexpensive and it is quite valuable to buy.

Iban Handicraft stall.
Iban Costume

Taken in the kanowit market.


Amy Lim said...

Wow...professional photographer...is it the photo effect??? How come I don't Kanowit is so nice????

cbenc12 said...

u r related to bengbeng?

Victor Kiu said...

Amy Lim: Professional Photographer?? I don't think so!! haha

cbenc12: He's one of my blogger friend. Where are you come from cbenc12??