Farewell Dinner for Siew Ming

A farewell dinner for Siew Ming (my cousin colleague) was held at Ark Gallery Cafe yesterday night. Siew Ming was promoted to other department but still in the same company. So my cousin's colleagues intended to have a farewell dinner for her. My cousin told me that all the laughter will be lesser if without her in the office. (i hope i have such colleagues in my office too)

Annie, Me, Dennis (my cousin) & Mr. Moh

Our leftover foods..

Group photo of us.
Stanley, Tommy, Dennis, me,
Annie, Siew ming, Hilda.

After the dinner, we went to the esplanade to have some shoots.

Another group photo of us with the Symbol of Sibu (Swan)

And we had fun with the green light at the esplanade.

We had a lot of fun there and we couldn't stop posing with the green light.

Acting cute.. Aren't we cute? haha

NO!! STANLEY!! NO~~!!!!

Siew ming said that, she couldn't live without them in the office.

Oh Siew Ming, we will remember you!! Lols..

Here's Hilda, found some goodie along the esplanade. What a lucky day!!

Jungle Trekking in Similajau National Park - Part 3

There are many ways to do in Similajau National Park, one of the best ways is to go Jungle Trekking. For those who love Jungle trekking, Similajau probably is you best choice. There are few Trails that you can hike which are, View point (1.3km), Batu Ancau (1.35km), Selunsur Rapid (7.86km), Turtle Beach (8.0km) and Golden Beach (9.8km). For nature lovers, it is a good place for you.

Trail plan of Similajau National Park. We just managed to hike to the view point due to the time limited.

Our journey start on this suspension bridge.

Beware of Crocodile.. Even though such warning sign are put, till today no crocodile attacked are reported in the park. So please be careful when you are in Similajau, otherwise you will be the first one.

Exploring the jungle..

Nature beauty of rainforest.

There are a lot of wild plants that you can found in the jungle.

Miracles of nature.

There are a lot of signs that indicated the ways to your destination. You don't be worry that you will get lost.

King of the jungle (the middle one)

We found a huge hole on the tree.

i was exhausted..

Huge tree that you can see all along the trail.

After half an hour hiking, we finally reached at our destination, View Point.

Our thirty six minutes journey down the swampy jungle, was however very interesting, and we managed to see some wonderful trees and plants.

Trip to Similajau National Park Bintulu - Part 2

I love beach just like how everyone else loves it. Maybe it is because that my hometown doesn't have any beach. That's the reason why everyone in my hometown prefers to have their vacation at the places that with beaches.

Alright, here's the beach of Similajau National Park. The weather wasn't so good and it was coudly. Luckily it didn't rain. So we had a lot of fun there.

First, we played some childhood game that i never played it before.

We were having a group discussion that we discussed about how to defeat them.

Arm-wresting between male and female.. haha..

and we had a chicken fighting at the beach..

ermm.. Brokeback mountain..

After that, we decided to cover Hilda by using the sand. And we make it with breast and pregnant.

Dr. Fredrick was there to help Hilda to give birth.

It was fun!

Group photo of us..

I like this photo so much.. Some of them jumped just like a Frog!

we were crazing at the beach like we never been to the beach before.

We found this on the beach. It was a Ghost Crab on the shell.

Hilda pulled the ghost crab out from the shell and this how it looks like.

Sea Shell that we collected on the beach.

Foot Print of Hilda, me and Sioa Ming..

We had curry, fried eggs, asam fish, and corn soup as our dinner at the canteen.

They played majong on the spare time.

"MaMakChi" This was one of the game that i played until 3.00am and i lose Rm15 on it. -_-"

To be continue.. Part 3 - Jungle Trekking

Trip to Similajau National Park - Part 1

I'm BACK!! After two days trip to Similajau National Park Bintulu and finally i'm home here to blog. Ok, wanna write about some of the intesting things that we did in Similajau National Park.

Where is Similajau????
Similajau national park is situated in Bintulu division which is about 30km from Bintulu town. (30min drive from Bintulu town). The national park provides recreational ground for the people within the central region of Sarawak. Similajau is rich in flora and fauna that provided nature lovers with rich experience and activities.

Our gang! Before we depart to Bintulu ,we had our breakfast at Lot 9 Cafe.

When we arrived in Bintulu, we had Bak Kut Teh for our lunch at 888 Cafe.
It was good. *thumb up*

After 30min drive from Bintulu town, we finally arrived at our destination. The entrance fee cost RM20 per person, but if you're register on group, it is a lot cheaper. 10person for RM80 by group.

Registration counter.

The Similajau National Park are owned by Sarawak forestry.

There is a mini museum which is just beside the registration room. Photo are allowed in there.

I'm just curious about what it is made.. haha ^_^

No Hunting, No Cutting of Trees, No Littering and No Open Fire are allowed here.

Similajau National Park has various species of plants, trees and wildlife which makes the trip more adventurous.

This is the Chalet that we rented. Cost Rm150 per night if i not mistaken.

This is how the room looks like. There is no aircond but it is cool enough.

12 out of 20 marine mammals recorded in Malaysia occur in Sarawak. There include Whales, Dugongs and Dolphins. Five species of dolphin recorded in Bintulu waters. Unfortunately, we didn't see any dolphin here.

To Be Continue............