Le Ark Cafe Gallery Sibu

I was at Le Ark Cafe Gallery with my cousin (Loke) and Shi Hao few days ago that attacted by the cool design of the building. Le Ark Cafe Gallery is a cool place where you can enjoy a nice waterfront view and a great atmosphere. It is a newly opened cafe which located at esplanade and it's just behind Li Hua hotel Sibu.

The design in Le Ark Cafe is very unique and it is a good place for you hang out with friends.

There is an old tree in the middle of the cafe which made the atmosphere better.

The foods and drinks in Le Ark Cafe aren't too expensive. Yong Chow Fried Rice that served with Keropok and salad that my cousin ordered. RM6.50

Looks yummy rite.. Grill Chicken Chop that i ordered. RM10.50

Honey Chicken Wing - RM10.00

Me and Shi Hao..

My cousin (loke) and Shi Hao... Le Ark Cafe is so comfortable until we chatted there for hours


fooi said...

Waw... It is really a nice good nice to go.. Is in Sibu, super far from KL. :( Can't even go there take a glimpse of it. :(

Victor Kiu said...

I think there is a lot of nice cafe in KL.. haha..

Suzanna said...

I didnt even know this place existed, Victor...Wow, Enjoying urslf with pretty girls, I see....U go, Victor...;-)

Victor Kiu said...

Haha, it's ok! You can bring us there after class for supper then we will show you the way to Le Ark Cafe. So you gonna pay the bill ya.. haha. So enjoying~ Waaa~ I think you know her rite?

emotionalistic said...

The food looks good. Good ambiance too. I can chat with anybody there for hours too :).

Suzanna said...

Yeah, we should go there after supper one day....Bills? We'll see ;-)

Victor Kiu said...