Photohunters - Sad

The theme for Photohunter this week is "Sad", and here's my photos of my sad friends.

Why we were all sad???

-Feeling hopeless ( like there's nothing to look forward to)??
- Feeling lonely or unloved??
- Feeling like things are not fun anymore??
- Feeling restless??

^_^ Haha, actually non of above! We just acting sad! T__T


Bengbeng said...

u r so lucky to have such supportive frens :) bet u have to trea tthem to kampua for it :)

Shionge said...

Hiya Victor, thank you for visiting my blog, truly appreciate it and do come by again :D

Great 'posing' I must say, with so many good friends, no reason to be sad ah :)

Have a nice week ahead :)

Victor Kiu said...

Beng: Kampua, No Problem~ I love them~

Shionge: Thanks for visiting my blog too. I will. :)

Neo said...

Now, do happy faces please. :)

leslie hii said...

hahhah i remember that moment.. look from the angle, i think i was the one who took the first picture :D:D

Victor Kiu said...

Neo: Haha, Happy Faces? Hmm.. i will try!! lols

Leslie: I guess so, i missed that moment we are all together!! I think we all acting this was because of Clement rite?