Jungle Trekking in Similajau National Park - Part 3

There are many ways to do in Similajau National Park, one of the best ways is to go Jungle Trekking. For those who love Jungle trekking, Similajau probably is you best choice. There are few Trails that you can hike which are, View point (1.3km), Batu Ancau (1.35km), Selunsur Rapid (7.86km), Turtle Beach (8.0km) and Golden Beach (9.8km). For nature lovers, it is a good place for you.

Trail plan of Similajau National Park. We just managed to hike to the view point due to the time limited.

Our journey start on this suspension bridge.

Beware of Crocodile.. Even though such warning sign are put, till today no crocodile attacked are reported in the park. So please be careful when you are in Similajau, otherwise you will be the first one.

Exploring the jungle..

Nature beauty of rainforest.

There are a lot of wild plants that you can found in the jungle.

Miracles of nature.

There are a lot of signs that indicated the ways to your destination. You don't be worry that you will get lost.

King of the jungle (the middle one)

We found a huge hole on the tree.

i was exhausted..

Huge tree that you can see all along the trail.

After half an hour hiking, we finally reached at our destination, View Point.

Our thirty six minutes journey down the swampy jungle, was however very interesting, and we managed to see some wonderful trees and plants.


leslie hii said...

yeah i remember i had been there once.. and the bridge was exactly the same.. remembering when i ran all the way to the other end of the bridge... lolz.. it was a cool jungle, love tropical jungles.. how come it only took u 36 minutes??

leslie hii said...

and who told u that there wasnt any crocodile attacks before...

Anonymous said...

Thanks but no thanks. Jungle trekking's not for me especially on such hilly terrain. I would have to be carried back! Hahahahaha!!! Btw, nice photos!

Victor Kiu said...

Leslie: I just went to the 1st point which was view point.. the nearest one.. Arh, how come they told me that there was't have any attacks le?? haha.. luckily i'm still here to blog..

Suituapui: ^_^ Oh no, carried back? Gosh.. Next trip probably will be SEMANTAN BEACH kuching.. I heard that semantan has a clear water..

callister said...

wah ada crocs sign..
but u didn't see any right??
but suspension bridge ?
huhu..scary for me..

everything is so cool..
i really wanted to go someday..

did you hired any tour guide?

Victor Kiu said...

Calister: ya. i didn't see any.. You scare of the suspension bridge?? lols.. we didn;t hire any tour guide.. the map is given for you..

Bengbeng said...

sematan? sounds great. now if only kongkay would help arrange :)

Amanda said...

wad enjoyable life u have... so niceee....

callister said...


owh the map were given..

Victor Kiu said...

Beng: where are you now? Sibu?

Amanda: Enjoyable? Um.. still ok lor.. abit abit lar.. hahaha...

callister: ya.. you can call 999 or 994 is you are lost!! haha.. or bring your compass along..

wbm said...

i try jungle trekking once & it was horrible, with all the mosquito & insect around, it still haunt me