Tropical Fruits in Malaysia

There are variety of Tropical fruits that you can found in William's Fruit Orchard besides than Durians. It's a truly educational fun time and we were in fruit season.

Papayas.. one of my all time favorite tropical fruits. It is good for health, it helps to prevent heart diseases.

Cocoa.. a.k.a (Koko) in Malay.

The black dots are the seeds of Cocoa from which Chocolate is made. To make 1kg of Chocolate, about 300-600 beans are processed.

Cempedak... The outer of the fruit is slightly sticky.



Sweet and nice.. hmm..

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.. It's Star Fruit...

so called "DABAI" in malay and BengBeng called it "Sarawakian Olive". Normally they mixed it together with soya sauces and sugar.

These are the seeds of the Dabai. The insides of the seeds can be eaten too.It's Tasteless!

Guess what's this? This is the tool that use to removing the stem from the pepper pods.

This is the machine used to making Soya Milk. You need to use your hand to operate it.

White Chickens..

Small little Chicks.. so cute!

Anyways, Thanks William so inviting us to his Fruit Orchard and thanks BengBeng for his company. Had a wonderful weekend!


emotionalistic said...

First time seeing a starfruit tree. So pretty :).

leslie hii said...

u know the things inside the seeds of olives are very fat? and if not mistaken, extremely high in cholesterol..

Bengbeng said...

the king of fruits post-> u look like the king not the durian hahahahh

foongpc said...

How nice get to visit a fruit orchard! I didn't know you need so many cocoa beans to make 1kg of chocolate! I love Malaysian fruits especially papayas, pineapples, mangoes, mangosteens, cempedak, nangka,and durians!! Beats all those boring foreign fruits! Haha. But never taste or seen dabai before. Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog and posting your comments : )

Victor Kiu said...

Emo: Ya, That was my 1st time too.

Leslie: Is it? no one ever tell me ler.. But it's tasteless..

Beng: ^_^ Oh ya, you slipper is in my office now!!

Fooogpc: You're welcome, thanks for dropping by my blog too! I love malaysian fruits too!! So nice..

Welcome 2 小小天堂 said...

where is William's orchard??

jj said...

next time organzie a trip & attack all the fruits there hahaha

Victor Kiu said...

Ella: somewhere around Sg. Teku Sibu..

JJ: Haha, yeah! But you need to get william's permission first!! haha..

Anonymous said...

That looks like nangka...not cempedak.

goolooloo said...

Finally I'm here to see who is Victor Kiu,Hi!! Nice trip of Sg.Teku durian hunt. Next time count me in la.. hahaha..

Victor Kiu said...

Suituapui: Is it? But it looks like cempedak oh,, haha..

Goolooloo: Thanks for dropping by my blog!! Bengbeng did mention about you.. No problem~