Trip to Similajau National Park Bintulu - Part 2

I love beach just like how everyone else loves it. Maybe it is because that my hometown doesn't have any beach. That's the reason why everyone in my hometown prefers to have their vacation at the places that with beaches.

Alright, here's the beach of Similajau National Park. The weather wasn't so good and it was coudly. Luckily it didn't rain. So we had a lot of fun there.

First, we played some childhood game that i never played it before.

We were having a group discussion that we discussed about how to defeat them.

Arm-wresting between male and female.. haha..

and we had a chicken fighting at the beach..

ermm.. Brokeback mountain..

After that, we decided to cover Hilda by using the sand. And we make it with breast and pregnant.

Dr. Fredrick was there to help Hilda to give birth.

It was fun!

Group photo of us..

I like this photo so much.. Some of them jumped just like a Frog!

we were crazing at the beach like we never been to the beach before.

We found this on the beach. It was a Ghost Crab on the shell.

Hilda pulled the ghost crab out from the shell and this how it looks like.

Sea Shell that we collected on the beach.

Foot Print of Hilda, me and Sioa Ming..

We had curry, fried eggs, asam fish, and corn soup as our dinner at the canteen.

They played majong on the spare time.

"MaMakChi" This was one of the game that i played until 3.00am and i lose Rm15 on it. -_-"

To be continue.. Part 3 - Jungle Trekking


callister said... have lots of fun..
i'm jealous..

i like the pic where hilda buried in the sand..and she's pregnant!!

did u used dslr to snap all those pics?
pretty awesome..

Anonymous said...

Certainly a whole lotta fun! Next time, ask me to join lah...dun like dat one! LOL!!!

foongpc said...

Looks like you had a great time with your friends! I think the cloudy weather very suitable for a day at the beach. Nice photos btw : )

Victor Kiu said...

Callister: Just fun on the trip only.. After that, have to work hard as usual.. ya, i'm using Canon EOS-400D,, thanks..

Suituapui: Next time we can have a blogger trip to Similajau..

Stanley Carter said...

Stanley here, next trip we plan to visit Sematan Resort at Kuching! Ask uncle google for piccies, its a longer journey but the beach there is definitely better than Similajau.

ahlost said...

So much funnnn !!! Now I feel like going to beach...

emotionalistic said...

Oh, i miss going for a holiday at the beach. Playing with the sand is a lot of fun but the aftermath of sands getting into the fingernails....aiksss....:P

Pink Cotton said...

nice pics... many "x rated" scenes here...haha

Victor Kiu said...

FoongPc: I prefer the sunny day, so that the photos taken will be nicer and bright!

Stanley: Arh.. Can't wait to go Sematan and Can't wait to play mamachi too..

ahlost: Lols.. i want to go too!

Emo: I love beach too! Aiyo, Girls always care about their finger nails.. --_--" ahaha

Pink: Thanks Pink, no underage here. don't worry

ahniss said...

yes, we planning 4 semantan. wakaka. can go crazy again.
btw, i really have my fun with my colleague on the simi trip

callister said...

yeah, at least you have one fun trip..
good for you..

no wonder all those pictures are breathtaking and awesome..
i like it all..
good job..