Farewell Dinner for Siew Ming

A farewell dinner for Siew Ming (my cousin colleague) was held at Ark Gallery Cafe yesterday night. Siew Ming was promoted to other department but still in the same company. So my cousin's colleagues intended to have a farewell dinner for her. My cousin told me that all the laughter will be lesser if without her in the office. (i hope i have such colleagues in my office too)

Annie, Me, Dennis (my cousin) & Mr. Moh

Our leftover foods..

Group photo of us.
Stanley, Tommy, Dennis, me,
Annie, Siew ming, Hilda.

After the dinner, we went to the esplanade to have some shoots.

Another group photo of us with the Symbol of Sibu (Swan)

And we had fun with the green light at the esplanade.

We had a lot of fun there and we couldn't stop posing with the green light.

Acting cute.. Aren't we cute? haha

NO!! STANLEY!! NO~~!!!!

Siew ming said that, she couldn't live without them in the office.

Oh Siew Ming, we will remember you!! Lols..

Here's Hilda, found some goodie along the esplanade. What a lucky day!!


callister said...

yeah2!! you are cute..

only the pictures of leftovers?
where's the picture of the real food?

Bengbeng said...

the funniest post u have written so far...so funny hahahhahaah

Victor Kiu said...

Callister: Cute? Am i? haha.. We were to hungry and didn't take any pictures of it!! lols..

Beng: Lols.. They are my funniest friends ever too!!

Amanda said...

oh my my... how sporting are they!!
Not all like to have phots taken and they actually played along.. how nicee...

dennis said...

good bye siew ming, see you under rejangs aa.. hahaha

Johnny Kiu said...

very nice storyline.

callister said...

haha..again looks like you having so much fun..
and you are funny as well..

Victor Kiu said...

Amanda: ^_^ You can do that too!! Haha..

Johnny: Thanks for dropping by my blog!! THANKSSS

Callister:Hm.. Damn fun!! Lols.. They made me funny!

wbm said...

real funny story & light up my day,tks

the donG said...

hahaha... this is really funny. usually farwell stories are sad but not this one.