Trip to Similajau National Park - Part 1

I'm BACK!! After two days trip to Similajau National Park Bintulu and finally i'm home here to blog. Ok, wanna write about some of the intesting things that we did in Similajau National Park.

Where is Similajau????
Similajau national park is situated in Bintulu division which is about 30km from Bintulu town. (30min drive from Bintulu town). The national park provides recreational ground for the people within the central region of Sarawak. Similajau is rich in flora and fauna that provided nature lovers with rich experience and activities.

Our gang! Before we depart to Bintulu ,we had our breakfast at Lot 9 Cafe.

When we arrived in Bintulu, we had Bak Kut Teh for our lunch at 888 Cafe.
It was good. *thumb up*

After 30min drive from Bintulu town, we finally arrived at our destination. The entrance fee cost RM20 per person, but if you're register on group, it is a lot cheaper. 10person for RM80 by group.

Registration counter.

The Similajau National Park are owned by Sarawak forestry.

There is a mini museum which is just beside the registration room. Photo are allowed in there.

I'm just curious about what it is made.. haha ^_^

No Hunting, No Cutting of Trees, No Littering and No Open Fire are allowed here.

Similajau National Park has various species of plants, trees and wildlife which makes the trip more adventurous.

This is the Chalet that we rented. Cost Rm150 per night if i not mistaken.

This is how the room looks like. There is no aircond but it is cool enough.

12 out of 20 marine mammals recorded in Malaysia occur in Sarawak. There include Whales, Dugongs and Dolphins. Five species of dolphin recorded in Bintulu waters. Unfortunately, we didn't see any dolphin here.

To Be Continue............


ahNiss said...

Yeah, very fun trip with my colleague.

Anonymous said...

For a moment I thought this post was a joke. The name almost sounds obscene in Hokkien.

Victor Kiu said...

haha, you're right! My friends told me that too! The name is too obscene! SIMILAJAU

callister said...

the chalet looks cozy...

can u elaborate more on the trip??

Victor Kiu said...

Yeah, it looks cozy.. i will post more on my next post..

part 2 will be "Beach"

and Part 3 will be "Jungle Trekking"

callister said...

owh thx u..
will read it..

Victor Kiu said...


leslie hii said...

dugongs in similajau? are you serious?

Victor Kiu said...

not sure, from the research from the internet.. hahaha

foongpc said...

Oh, I would love to go there! Love nature and the forests.

xiao wei^.^ said... nice can be there...
u went to hv trip then how is ur job??

Victor Kiu said...

i went there on weekend!!!