Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant - Penang (The Food Paradise)

Penang is an island of endless food stalls which you can found best food everywhere. Penang is also well known for being the Food Paradise of Malaysia and also in Asia. Penang offers plenty of good and cheap Malaysian food. Beside that, Penang is also known as a heaven of Seafood.

One of the well known Seafood Restaurant in Penang called "Bali Hai Seafood Market". Bali Hai specialises in seafood and it is located somewhere in the middle of Gurney Drive Penang. The slogan of the restaurant called "If It Swims We Have It". Sounds cool huh!!

It was always crowded on weekends.

They stock a lot of varieties of seafood. Each aquarium has its individual seafood.

Varieties of fishes are available here.

Can anyone tells me what does this fish called??

One of my fav .. Oysters

They called this "GeoDuck" which look weird and sounds weird too. Haha

Spider Crabs. It is damn expensive which cost RM25--30 per 100G.

Green Lobster and Rainbow Lobster. RM15--18 per 100G..

Huge Lobster..

What's that?? It's Abalon! Fresh Abalon RM32 per 100G.

Black Pepper Crabs. It tasted good.

So called "Petai" in Malay.

Fried Noodles with oysters. Tasted good too!

Mushroom?? Forgot the name!! Sry,, ^_^

Not sure what does this soup called.. as long as it is a soup.. *_*

forgot the name too.. sry!

Apple juice and Orange juice.. Not bad too!

After the meal, you can have a walk along the Gurney drive and enjoy the scenic view of the sea.


callister said...

what is that?
it can be eaten right?

emotionalistic said...

I've been in Penang for so long but didnt dare to enter that restaurant. They normally target the tourists. Heard that the food there is expensive. Want to ask your opinion, is it expensive? And how's the food?

Hello Kitty said...

walao~~ i am hungry now.. i just take my dinner de leh.. hohoho~ :x

Napaboaniya said...

Speak Gurney Drive and I'm reminded of standing at the side of vans and having lok lok many years before :P
Those seafood makes me droolz!!!

Calvyn said...

i not even went there before... too bad... always keep my self at home

Anonymous said...

Wah! U influenced by me liao hor! Love to post on food and make people drool! Hahahahahaha!!!!

foongpc said...

I've never been there! OK, must go there on my next trip to Penang! But wait, is it expensive?

the donG said...

oysters are my favorite too! nice post about seafoods because i too love it so much. some of the species here are quite new to me.

i only saw one spider crab at the manila ocean park and i didnt know that it's actually a delicacy there. hmmm... i wonder how tasty it can be.

Victor Kiu said...

Callister: Ya, Geoduck! A kind of seafood that can be eatan. I never tried it before! Sounds funny rite,, lols

Emotionalistic: I not sure about the price of it, coz i'm not the one who paid the bill! haha. The food was nice! I missed it a lot..

HelloKitty: Take supper again! your posts always make me hungry too! ^_^

Napaboaniya: I saw the loklok vans too. It looks nice but i didn't try it. Where are you from?

Calvyn: I should go there. I wish i could stay in Penang, so that i can enjoy the nice food everyday!

Suituapui: You're right! Not only influenced by your blog, most of the blogger's blogs. Feel good after making people drool. Lols

Foongpc: Sry, i not so sure about the price of it. I guess it must be quite expensive since it is targeting on tourists.

Thedong:Thanks!That was my 1st time that i saw Spider Crab too. Wish to go there one day again. It really nice!

carrotrun said...

oh my! so much good food! how much were ur meal?
i wanna go next time i m in penang!

xiao wei^.^ said...

wasei...u still can remember the price of the food..
i thought u r de owner of de restaurant!!

Victor Kiu said...

Carrotrun: Haha, Sry! I don't know the price of it. Coz i'm not the one who paid the bill! ^_^ I wish to go there again.. the foods are really nice!

Xioawei:Lols, i hope i'm the owner of that shop.. then i will be rich now..

ahlost said...

Wahhhh.. Shouldn't have come here 7early 8early.. !!! Evil entry !!

I'm sho hungry now T__T

wkh said...

yam yam.......

Victor Kiu said...

ahlost: wahaha.. so i post it late next time!!

wkh: YaaAamm YaAaaM!!

Twilight Zone said...

Victor - Your food pixs made me so hungry right now. I agree with Emotionalistic that we Penangnites avoid Gurney Drive. Either too costly or yiakks like those hawker stalls selling laksa (Bluek!)
We normally head to Tambun on mainland to enjoy the real Seafood Village. You should sell your nice pixs to the restaurants for their new menu.

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