The four-faced Brahma in Bangkok City

The Erawan Shrine (Phra Phrom aka Four-faced God) is a Hindu shrine in Bangkok City that houses in a statue Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of the Hindu creation god Brahma.

It is a popular tourist attraction. The Shrine is located by the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel and that area has a lot of shopping malls nearby. One of the famous shopping center is Central World which just opposite to the shrine.

Worshipers of Phra Phrom usually offers jasmine flowers in their worship.

Another common way of worship is to place the wooden elephant statues on the altar to him honor.

Phra Phrom is also admire Thai Classical music, which is played near the altar accompanied by the dancers.

It was always crowded on the day time.


Bengbeng said...

wow..u have been to lots of places

Victor Kiu said...

no lah.. ^-^

xiao wei^.^ said...

did u go 2 tat place?

Victor Kiu said...

ya, i went there on june!

the donG said...

looks like you also love traveling. thailand has a very very interesting culture making it a tourist haven.

Joyce said...

I went there twice and each time I also dare not go near, the smoke too 'geng' already. hehe..