A tradition way to bake Potatoes in Taiwan

Did you know, how to bake potatoes by using Dirt?

Making dirt clods and make a hollow pyramid by using dirt.

Arrange in a stack by using dirt.

Done, a hollow pyramid made by dirt.

Heat up the dirt by burning some firewood

Heat the dirt up for 40-60 minutes. (Damn long)

Smash down the pyramid and wrapped the potatoes up by the hot dirt for 1hour (huh, another 1hour T_T )

We played some games while we waiting for our potatoes to be done.

Playing with shadow~

And enjoying some junk food :P~

It’s time to dig all the potatoes out carefully from the hot dirt.

What a nice and tasty potato!! It smells good.


leslie hii said...

true.. true.. but at first i thought the 'bbq' would be chicken wings.. sausages etc... didnt expect the 'bbq' to be vegetarian

Victor Kiu said...

Yeah, me too, coz they say "Kau Lou". But it is quite fun when set up the dirt pyramid. my have a little skill to do it.

Bengbeng said...

interesting post this one. first time i heard of this

cc of Quaint Melody said...

Good old fashion way to heat that sweet potatoes! I probably won't have the patience to wait that long! LOL

Victor Kiu said...

BengBeng: Thanks, Next time we should try this in Sibu!!

CC: That's why we need to play some games to spent those time!!

Amy Lim said...


BTW, u guys spent how long to roast the sweet potato???

Victor Kiu said...

Amy: For 45--60mins like dat! we spent whole morning to prepared it!! T_T

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