Summer Tea - Bintulu

When i was in Bintulu few days ago,
I went to a shop called "Summer Tea" located somewhere around in ParkCity Mall that introduced by Leslie
It was a shop that selling various kind of Milk Tea and snack.

Top 10's Milk tea

I ordered a Chocolate Milk Shake with Chocolate Ice Cream on top which cost me RM 3.20 only.

Uncle Bob Fried Chickens

I ordered a Spicy Uncle Bob Fried Chicken.

Rm5.00 per plate.

There was a free wireless access in Summer Tea.

You can play cards while you having your tea.


leslie hii said...

lolz.. this place is part of my childhood because i spent quite some money and time on yu-gi-oh when i was 12.. and its like the only place in bintulu (at that time) that we can find original yu-gi-oh cards :D.. that tauke is kind of a smart guy haha..

Bengbeng said...

next time invite us oso :)

Anonymous said...

da first cafe i went in bintulu is this la... used to frequent there often...for their cakes

now they no longer selling cakes :(

Victor Kiu said...

I like the place too!
but, unfortunately there is no such place in Sibu.I hope the boss will open a new branch in SIBU.

cc said...

Nice place to chill with a few friends. :)

cbenc12 said...

wow.. the chicken looks so yummy n cheap too!