SarikeiTrip on weekend

On the national day, i went to Sarikei with my family to grab some Pineapple Fruit. The weather isn't good enough as we thought. It's raining all the way from Sibu to Sarikei. But, luckily the rain stopped when we reached in Sarikei.

Welcome to Sarikei

The Sarikie district population was 66,110.
The economy of the town is primarily agricultural, and Sarikei is famed for its pineapple.

The price of the pineapple is quite cheap as compared to Sibu. RM2 - 3 each . It's depend on the size of the pineapple.

The pineapple can be found every around the corner in the market.

We bought it for RM10 for 4 pineapples.

Before we leave Sarikei, we went for a quick shopping in a Supermarket called "Everwin".

This is how an old school camera look like.

and this is how 21st century camera look like.

Bon Voyage. TATA~


Sheena said...

I wasn't sure if you were miss-spelling it on purpose (seeing as it was in one of your photographs of the entrance of the town) but you do know it's SarikEi, right, and not Sarikie.

Bengbeng said...

i love the 21st century camera :)

cc said...

The 21st century camera really cracks me up! :D

Hello, first time visiting here. :)

Anonymous said...

ooo...this is how da bid huge pineapple looks like...
my lecturer told me that da only thing to do in Sarikei is to camwhore with da pineapple =.=

Victor Kiu said...

The 21st century camera was Invented by Victor!!

Antz: The statue that u must go when u are in Sarikei.