My 22nd Birthday - Thank You

I was born on 10 Sep 1986, so yesterday was my 22nd Birthday and i had a wonderful Birthday!! I know am getting older and older! I miss my childhood so much! But it's time for me to plan for my future and so on ^_^

Thank you all for the wonderful presents and i like it so much!

Thanks Julie, Stephanie, and Hoe lee for the "Hair & Body Wash"
(am i too dirty??????) haha

Thanks Jin Li & Ee Lee for the Perfume.
(am i too smelly???)

Thanks Leslie for the Donut birthday cake. Wow, i'm 1 year old!!
the flowers decoration of my name!! Thanks!
( )

Thanks Jordan for the "Ang Pou"

Thanks Kelvin & Seck Ming for the Strawberry Necklace.
( Strawberry Necklace?? Omg!! I don't think i gonna to wear it X_X )
haha, anyways, thanks!

Thanks Kee Lian, Chung Sui, Jerry, Lik Kiong, Justin and Jacky for the Wine!

Thanks Fei Fei for the Yam Cake!

Thanks Yurina for calling me from Japan!

Wow, had a great Birthday this year!! Thank you all!! God Bless you all!


marites1034 said...

happy birthday to you! may you have more blessings to come!

leslie hii said...

how can i not give you a surprise when you didnt forget me after 9 months.. all the best, you still sound like 16 to me, no worries

Anonymous said...

eppie 22nd burfdae wo...
may all your dreams come true ya :)

i was born in 1986 too *wink*
but im younger than u, im still 21++

Victor Kiu said...

Marities: Thanks!!!!

Leslie: Lols, i hope i'm still 16, i don't want to grow up!

Antz: When is your birthday antz?

willchua said...

Happy Birthday! Your Bday very near to BB. He he..

Victor Kiu said...

Thanks WillChua, Ya, my birthday is quite near to him! lols..

jimmy said...

muahaha qiuqiu, no budget for me. so i only buy that much nia. next time i back sibu make sure u chia me eat

Suzanna said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!Better late than never.Cool birthday party & presents...Lucky u....

Victor Kiu said...

thanks suzanna!! Have a nice day too..

irene said...

sry o..din giv u present for ur tis year birthday..why din't heard u hav celebrate at where neh?no invite me BAD larhx...haha..jk jk..


floratie said...

Happy Belated've got nice friends there ;) Cherish them!

Victor Kiu said...

Thanks, Flora~