Mid Autumn Festival - Colorful Lanterns

The 15th day of the 8th month on the lunar calendar is the main day of the festival. It was the Mid Autumn Moon Festival and also known as the moon festival (Zhong Qiu Zie).

Families will go out after family reunion dinner with their lanterns for moon gazing. Chinese people believe on that day, the moon will be the roundest and brightest. But unfortunately, the roundest and brightest moon was covered by the thick clouds due to the cloudy day.

Eating moon-cakes, playing with lanterns and candles is a tradition on Mid Autumn Festival

I went for carrying Lanterns with my friends in Rejang Park playground last night and it was crowded. I picked different colors of Lanterns which represented " Red- Happiness, Green- Harmony, Health and Peace, Yellow- Against evil, geomantic blessing, and Orange- Strength and Wealth.

Julie, Seck Ming and Wong Bing with their colorful Lanterns.

We carried as much Lanterns as possible to attract some pretty girls in the park. Lols

Julie accidentally burned her lantern!
i had a wonderful night.



willchua said...

Poor lantern got burned. Not much ppl play in the Taman Tasik Sarikei. Only saw a few here and there. Maybe because the weather is windy and likely to rain last night.

Anonymous said...

eppie belated mooncake festival :)

didn't get to play with lantern this year :(

Victor Kiu said...

WillChua: There weather here was windy too. Maybe next year we can Lantern parade for blogger! ahaha

Antz: nowonder u didn't post any lantern photos!! happy belated mooncake festival too~~

xianren said...

ass lover where is my lantern a?????

i cant go b sibu for it aaaa
when will got big days again ar? i wanna go b celebrate, but make sure got more girls other than julie a. n also sek min, nid more attraction so that i can go b along wit big apple dougnut aaaaaaaa kakakkaa

Bengbeng said...

julie burned her lantern. did she burn yr heart ;)

Victor Kiu said...

Xianren: lols, you missed all lots of fun since you went to kuching! Come back lar, i sponsor the bus ticket for you!! RM4!!

BengBeng: T__T She not mine!! hahaa, did you went to rejang park that night?

cc said...

I've always like the part where the lanterns get burned. Fun!

xianren said...

wawawawa...ms qiuqiu want to support my transportation fee wor... den i take airbus better lor

not rm4 one, rm4 one will kena halau in the half air. u wan me jump off meh? later lots of young, beuatiful girls will suicide becoz of this holy jump

irene said...

wah~~someone go wif mui mui thn no call me orhx..HEN!!so BAD larhx..no say happy mooncake festival to me too..haizz...mo xin arh...


Victor Kiu said...

Irene: you didn't invite me out.. ~><~

Welcome 2 小小天堂 said...

haha..nice blog..
dis year mooncake festival i celebrated wif my junior in our college..
all of the Chinese ppl gather there n eat 2gather..
we oso carry lanterns n walked around college..
really nice...